About Fortia Strategic Partners

Fortia Strategic Partner is an affiliation of SSCX with the focus to deliver strategic management solutions as one of the foundation for business sustainability. Our objective is to foster long term relationship with our clients focusing on high growth companies to design and execute a solid and result driven strategic roadmap.

Fortia Strategic Partner consists of personnel with extensive experience in strategic management consulting. Our group strength in operational excellence has also been a strong differentiation in our strategic perspective which prioritize an executable solutions.


Our Growth Framework Address Typical Needs of Companies in High Growth Environment

Strategic planning to unlock full potential

  • Comprehensive diagnostic and analysis to unlock full potential
  • Financial modelling and scenario analysis
  • Key action plan and risk mitigation

Strengthen core business and execute growth engines

  • Strengthen assets and capabilities which support core business
  • Identify and prioritize growth engines
  • Establish disciplined operating rhythm and portfolio management

Balance and optimize critical resources (capital and talent)

  • Optimize capital structure and formulate financing strategy
  • Organizational restructuring and talent management
  • Tracking progress and monitoring resource allocation

Strategic implementation

Establish key management system and Monitor and track growth performance

  • Change management plan formulation
  • Project Management Office (PMO) launch and coaching
  • Collaborative implementation of business strategy

Some of Our Group Clients and Team Experiences